Git is an open-source distributed version control system (DVCS).
Only for questions on complex formula development or VBA programming. You may combine the Excel tag with Excel-VBA, VBA, VSTO, C#, VB.NET, PowerShell, OLE automation, and other programming related tags and questions if applicable. General help regarding MS Excel for single worksheet functions is available at Super User.
The image tag is for questions related to the loading, formatting, saving, compression, and display of images in the context of source code. This tag should also be used for assistance using various image libraries.
A form is essentially a container that can be used to hold any amount of any subset of several types of data. HTML forms are used to pass data to a server. VB and C# forms are the windows used to interact with the user.
The Spring Framework is an open source framework for application development on the Java platform. At its core is rich support for component based architectures, and it currently has over a dozen highly integrated modules.
Oracle Server is an Object-relational Database Management System (ORDBMS) created by Oracle Corporation. Do NOT use this tag for other products owned by Oracle, such as Java and MySQL.
Facebook Platform lets developers integrate their apps directly into the Facebook social networking service. Use this tag for questions which may arise when developing FOR Facebook. This tag is NOT for support questions about using the Facebook website or the official Facebook app.
WinForms is the informal name given to Windows Forms, a GUI class library in the Microsoft .NET Framework, which provides a user interface for programs designed to run on Windows machines.
WordPress is an open source content management system running on PHP and MySQL, and often used as a blog engine. WordPress questions about programming and administration are best asked on http://wordpress.stackexchange.com/
Multi-threading is ability of computer or a program to perform work concurrently or asynchronously by utilizing multiple concurrent streams of execution (generally referred to as threads).